10 AI technologies that will dominate 2019

Artificial Intelligence has managed to graze the loudest buzz in the global market with its changing trend and approaches. The Sci-Fi is no longer the part of the books and we are living in this advancement approach of it. AI product has managed to set straight the place at our homes and offices with no issues at all. If anything, the demand and potential of Artificial intelligence is increase with time in the market. It is in terms of job opportunity and the robotic theft that we possess. Read more

AI in smartphones – changing the way consumers use phones

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have managed to reach a whole new level with the advanced technology. It has influenced human interaction at a huge level with devices and machines. AI technology has managed to become an essential part of our life. It has given a drastic change in the technical world. One such technology change is for smartphones. Over the last year, the smartphone has seen an immense change in artificial intelligence. It is not difficult to understand that AI has given human-like intelligence and development in machines. Read more

Would you use a conversational UI smartphone?

For quite a while, we have thought of interfaces entirely in a visual sense – dropdown lists, sliders, buttons, etc. However, now we are gazing into a future made out of visual interfaces as well as of conversational ones. Microsoft alone reports that three thousand new bots are developed each week on its bot framework!

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10 Creative ways to increase mobile app adoption

Though numerous organizations presently understand that building up a mobile application for their brand is an advantage, less of them really see how to use them to make it profitable for their brand. As the requirement for a mobile presence strengthens, organizations need to use mobile applications in order to contend in the regularly challenging commercial center. Read more